Fernando Torres receives an incredible welcome at Madrid airport [Pictures]


During his previous spell at his boyhood club Atletico, he scored 84 goals in 214 games.

Fernando Torres must have felt a warm sense of familiarity as his plane touched down on the tarmac at Madrid’s Barajas Airport on Tuesday.
Posting a picture on their Instagram, Atletico Madrid announced the arrival of their new striker, who gave fans a thumbs up whilst waiting for his baggage to arrive. The La Liga champions wrote: ‘Fernando
@Torres has just landed at Barajas Airport. He sends greetings to all.’



Nicki Minaj Is the Best Rapper of 2014



On Dec. 13, 2013, Beyoncé ruined the idea of an album rollout. For the next 13 months, artists scrambled to compete with the release of BEYONCÉ, leaking their own albums early in an effort to match the frenzy caused by the surprise drop. And then there was Nicki Minaj, who opted for a teaser of a year, building anticipation for her new album throughout 2014 with a slower rollout of remixes, singles, and videos.

She started her year with a remix of a viral hit, Los Angeles-based crunk crew PTAF’s single “Boss Ass Bitch.” After that drop, Minaj set out to slay every guest verse or remix to a hit single she could, decimating any memories of that verse on Kanye West’s “Monster,” that all those “real hip-hop heads” love to bring up when we talk about Minaj. Fans hoped that the classic artist without a classic album would finally appease all of their rap fantasies with a straight hip-hop classic. But this is Nicki Minaj we’re talking about, and she dangled that in their faces for months, teasing it with the line, “But on the real, I’m in album mode/Just dropped this freestyle before these files get old/When I lay low, bitches be safe and sound/When I come back they better not make a sound.” Continue reading

Kanye Splashes N13.8million on North’s Christmas gifts



Despite claiming they try not to spoil their daughter , Kanye showed Nori is a daddy’s girl as he has splashed $74k on Christmas gifts ,

According to Heat magazine, Kanye dropped $62,000 on a diamond-encrusted tiara as well as $12,000 on a toy replica of his matte black SUV.Kanye thinks the tiara will be a great gift for Nori, saying, ‘so when she plays dress-up she’ll be a real princess’  Continue reading

Nicki Minaj: ‘I Want a Little Cute Fat Baby!’


Nicki Minaj has set some pretty serious goals for herself.

In fact, they may have been a little too big, as the “Anaconda” singer explains to Ellen DeGeneres on Monday’s show.

Back in September, the 32-year-old told Dazed Magazine that she won’t take a break until she makes a half a million dollars. I feel like when I reach my $500 million goal, then no other woman in rap will ever feel like they can’t do what these men have done,” she said.

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