Download: Ice Prince – Trash Can EP | Full Album (mp3)

Ice Prince releases fresh 6-track EP titled Trash Can for you to download and listen to. Nigerian hip hop superstar Ice Prince is not one to dwell on past successes. The BET award-winning Chocolate City rapper (and occasional singer) whose
albums Everybody Loves Ice Prince and Fire Of Zamani set new standards for Nigerian rap has become one of the most sought after musicians in Africa, popping up on collaborative tracks everywhere from Ghana to South Africa. This week, the 28-year-old turns things up a notch with the Trash Can EP, a collection of five previously unheard tracks and One Day, an already released single. Featuring dope instrumentals and a
guest spot by talented rapper Joules Da Kid, the EP is not just a placeholder until Ice Prince’s next album hits the market, it’s a solid work of art that
will inspire you to make something great out of ‘trash’. Download the entire Trash Can EP below.

Download full Album here download

1. ‘Confess’ (Produced by City Monstar)
2. ‘Marry You’ (Produced by Dreybeatz)
3. ‘Nobody Gives A…’ (Produced by TMXO)
4. ‘Mutumina’ (Produced by TMXO)
5. ‘Elegushi ‘ FT Joules Da Kid (Produced by TSleek)
6. ‘One Day’ (Produced by TMXO)


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