Mack Maine, Nicki Minaj, ‘Praying’ Lil Wayne & Birdman Resolve Beef; New Mixtape Coming ‘Soon’



It’s got to be a bit awkward to have your two rap-star bosses at extreme odds, asLil Wayne and Birdman have been over the last couple weeks. So now Nicki Minaj is speaking up saying she supports both her Young Money captain and the Cash Money CEO. “We’re good. Love conquers all. I do know that, no matter what, we’re a family,” she said during an interview Saturday on Sirius XM’s Shade 45 station. “We’re not always the best of friends and chummy chummy, but we’re a family and we love each other underneath it all.”

Lil Wayne: Birdman & Cash Money Records ‘Refuse to Release’ ‘Tha Carter V’

Minaj’s comments come amid Weezy’s ongoing public statements declaring he wants off Cash Money — the label he’s been on since he was 13 — saying he’s being held “prisoner” by the label’s CEO Birdman. Minaj is signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment label, which is an imprint of Cash Money. “I know that Wayne and Baby love each other, and I know they’re going to resolve anything that needs to be resolved,” she continued. “I am Young Money. I ride with Wayne on whatever — that’s just how I am. But Baby has played such a huge role in my mental stability.” Minaj went on to detail her relationships with both parties, saying, “I don’t know if people know, [but] Baby will call you and text you all day, just making you feel good,” she continued. “Making you feel inspired. One time he called me like, ‘Yo Barbie, I’m seeing your posters for MYX all around Miami Barbie, you doing your thing Barbie. I respect that.’ This is Baby on my phone telling me he respects my business move.” And on Weezy: “With Wayne I have such a different relationship with Wayne, such a cute relationship. I love both of them. I’m praying that everything resolves itself like it always does with family affairs. There just ain’t no malicious nothing, this ain’t no hate. It’s different.”

Lil Wayne vs. Cash Money: Can the Rapper Leave the Label He’s Been With Since He Was 13?

Meanwhile, over the weekend, TMZ reported a contact close to Birdman saying there’s no way he’s letting Lil Wayne off his label. While the rapper has complained Cash Money is holding up his long-anticipated Tha Carter V, the label is saying that is due administrative work that is taking a while. Young Money president Mack Maine also said in an interview with Miami radio station 99 Jamz that things are being worked out with the album’s release and it will be out in the first quarter of 2015, as Vibe reports, echoing Minaj’s sentiments that he prays everything gets sorted between Wayne and Birdman. He also said there’s another project in the works as well. And from the looks of an Instagram post from Fee Banks on Monday, that’s going to be a mixtape called Sorry 4 The Wait 2 — a followup to his 2011 mixtape, Sorry 4 The Wait — coming “soon.”


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